Season Tickets

The cost of a season ticket is $45.00 – The season ticket is good for all 26 games.  Tickets may be purchased in the Tournament Office at the start of the tournament or you can order your tickets in advance by sending your request with payment to Connie Rebholz at Pontiac High School starting December 5.  Please make checks payable to Pontiac Holiday Tournament or make a credit card payment via a secure online payment option.  To make a credit card payment in any amount, please contact Connie Rebholz at Pontiac High School.  

Session Tickets
The cost of a session ticket is $10.00.  With the exception of Session One – Each session consists of three (3) games.  Advance session tickets may be purchased during the tournament in the Tournament Office.  Infants (under 2) in arms are Free.  NO SINGLE GAME TICKETS ARE SOLD.

Time of Sessions

Morning Afternoon Evening
Wednesday – December 28 – 2022 9:00am 1:00pm 6:00pm
Thursday – December 29 – 2022 8:00am 1:00pm 6:00pm
Friday – December 30 – 2022 8:00am 1:00pm 6:00pm

ALL SEATS ARE RESERVED.  Please sit on the seat assigned to you by your ticket.  Seat cushions with backs are not allowed to be used in gym.

When you are admitted at the door with a SEASON TICKET, both stubs from your season ticket will be detached and this will void it for that session.  If  you are admitted by a SESSION TICKET, the identifying stubs will be detached.  This voids the ticket for readmittance.  If you leave before the session ends and wish to return to that session, both a pass-out ticket and the session ticket must be shown.  The pass-out ticket will be taken and your session ticket will be retained by you for seat identification.  It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to get the pass-out ticket as you leave the gymnasium if you expect to return for that session. NO ONE WILL BE RE-ADMITTED WITHOUT BOTH TICKETS.


Facility Information

Concession Stand
The concession stand is located in the commons area.  The concession stand is supervised by Student Council.

Coat Check
The coat check is located on the north side of the commons.  The coat check in supervised by Key Club .

Tournament Office
The tournament office is located in the southeast corner of the commons.  The tournament office is open during the tournament.

Gymnasium/School Restrictions

Smoking is prohibited on school property.

Map of the Facility