Since 2012, the Pontiac Holiday Tournament has proudly provided a high quality livestream. This year, the online broadcast of the Tournament will be provided in a pay-for-view format. Single game digital passes may be purchased for $5 per game or a digital season pass (access to all 26 games) may be purchased for $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Tournament charging for the livestream this year?
With rising operating costs, the Tournament made the decision to move to a pay-per-view format. Support for the Tournament through the livestream will help keep the Tournament’s financial health secure for the future and maintain the high quality competition expected of the Pontiac Holiday Tournament.

How much do digital passes cost?
A digital season pass costs $15 for all 26 games. Single game digital passes may be purchased for $5 per game.

Why should I purchase a digital season pass?
A digital season pass allows you to see all the tournament action, even if you can’t make it to the Pontiac gym! You’ll get to see some of the best high school basketball in the nation and provide security for the financial health of the nation’s first high school holiday tournament

I want to watch the livestream through my TV. Is this possible?
Yes. We do not have an official app, but if your TV is equipped with a web browser you can access the stream. If your TV does not have a web browser, you can wirelessly broadcast to your TV using Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, or any other means you have available. You can also hook a computer up to your TV (HDMI preferred).

Can I access the livestream through YouTube or Facebook?
No. We utilize Meridix, a platform similar to Youtube but optimized for sporting events.

What will the charge be on my credit card?
Meridix/Pontiac Holiday Tournament

What are the technology requirements for the livestream?
Access to a web browser is required. A strong internet connection of at least 5mbps or higher is recommended. Satellite or DSL connections may have occasional buffering.

I am not happy with the quality of the broadcast. Can I get a refund?
No. Refunds will not be granted.

Can media personnel receive a complimentary digital pass?
No. While we appreciate your coverage of the tournament, at this time we will not be granting free digital passes to the media. Free access to the livestream will be provided on-site in our media room.

I am having issues with the livestream. Who can I call?
Sorry to hear this! Please confirm your internet connection is strong and restart your computer/device. If that does not fix your problem, please email to work with a representative to resolve issues. Do not contact the tournament office with technical difficulties. We do not offer phone support and our wonderful staff in the tournament office is not equipped to provide technical support.